If you have the task of session chair in one of the sessions, then please carefully read the information below.

  • The main task of the session chair is timekeeping: the total time per presentation is 30 minutes: in principle 25 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Please stick to this scheme as much as possible.
  • Please have a look at the detailed program of your session in advance, and at the abstracts of the presentations in your session, preferably also at the full papers.
  • The task of the session chair is also to moderate the discussion. If there does not come any question from the audience, then it will be appreciated if the session chair asks some question(s).
  • Before the start of the session, make sure that you know who will present in your session, and ask the presenters to upload their presentations on the PC that is available in the room. If a presenter wants to use his/her own PC, then that is possible, but preferably only for showing software or a (short) video that may not work well on the PC that is available in the room. Note that each beamer has a VGA connector.